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Nurse-Family Partnership Stories

The Nurse-Family Partnership connects first-time moms with a home-visiting nurse. The organization has collected written stories from first-time moms, new dads, and nurses to better describe the challenges faced by first-time parents and to show how the relationship with a nurse benefits the family. The stories have a journalistic tone to them, but give lots of details about the the situations and emotions experienced by new parents and their home-visiting nurses. Most of the stories are by first-time moms, but there are also several by expectant fathers and nurses. A number of stories are in both English and Spanish. The organization’s YouTube channel also features digital personal experience videos by new parents, as well as short interviews with nurses answering the question “Why am I a NFP nurse home visitor?”

Stories URL: http://www.nursefamilypartnership.org/First-Time-Moms/Stories-from-moms
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